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By N. Georgopoulos (eds.)

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2 Herewith Voltaire gives a first cue for the progressive recasting of the traditional constellation of tragedy under the influence of the Enlightenment. Not only the delineation of the characters is affected: in similar fashion the Enlightenment works on the linking points of the tragic development - on hamartia, anagnorisis and peripatia - above all it brings about a completely new way of ending the tragedy. Enlightenment anthropology has a tendency to weaken or morally denounce character traits which demand an inexorable and destructive confrontation.

Papanoutsos, E. P. 1964. Philosophikiz Problemata. (Athens, Greece). Part IV, 'Pathematon Katharsis', pp. 219-98. Weil, H. 1847. 'Ober die Wirkung der Tragodie nach Aristoteles', Verhandlugen der 10. Uversammlung deutcher Philologen und Schulmarmer in Basel1847. (Basel), pp. 131-40. Whitman, James. 1986. 'Nietzsche in the Magisterial Tradition of German Classical Philology', Journal of the History of Ideas, XLVII/3, 453-68. 2 The Disjunction of the Tragic: Hegel and Nietzsche ROLAND GALLE Philosophic speculation on tragedy and the tragic did not develop until the period of German idealism, thus at a time in which tragedy itself had gotten into a far-reaching structural crisis.

Aristotle's aesthetics and the Greek mind had prejudiced the understanding of the idea of the tragic. His Der Wille zur Macht contains a summation of many central doctrines, including the one related to Nietzsche's critique of Aristotle and the Greeks. He insists that the character of existence, reality, is terrifying, and that the actual, the 'real world' is 'false, cruel, contradictory, seductive, without meaning' (#853). e. systems of 'lies' which they then take to be true: metaphysics, religion, morality and science.

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