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By Christian Jacq

ISBN-10: 0446673595

ISBN-13: 9780446673594

Saga approximately historic Egypt & the robust fight among Ramses & his enemies.

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7 Between 650 BC and the Hellenistic period there was a significant shift to wetter conditions in the eastern Mediterranean (Issar 2003:24; cf. Hdt. 10). 8 Egyptian Museum, Cairo, JdE 36327. Caminos (1964) remains the essential study. See also Manuelian (1994). The most recent treatment of the Nitocris Adoption Stela is Gozzoli (2006:87–92). EGYPT IN THE FIRST MILLENNIUM BC 23 The Saı¨te kings quite intentionally stressed, through the use of image and language, their deep connection to Egypt’s ancient history and their Egyptian origins (Lloyd 1983:289).

The Ptolemaic historian is thus faced with the arduous task of bringing together disparate types of evidence scattered across the technical publications of several disciplines. This is further complicated by the fact that the historian must keep multiple viewpoints in his or her head at the same time. Turner (1984:132) summarized the problem well: Usually attention is focused on what the Greeks had to give and the Egyptian contribution is under-rated. Undeniably the Greeks brought with them initiative, energy, intelligence, new technology, an outsider’s experience and institutions; but they deployed these gifts in a land of high culture with a respect for craftsmanship and philosophical thinking (imaginative rather than logical), and a tradition of social and political stability.

Herodotus’ treatment of Egypt served as an important Greek bridge between the Saı¨te kings and the Ptolemies, and we know from Necho II’s exploration of the African coast with Phoenician sailors that the Saı¨te kings were engaged in trade and had an interest in the wider world. Rather than conquering Upper Egypt by military force, Psammetichus I (664–610 BC) used diplomacy toward the important temple of Amun at Thebes. 8 The text that documents this political solution, erected within a temple context and therefore overtly pious in its tone, shows how carefully the king couched the move in religious terms, acknowledging the tradition of the Theban theocratic state that arose out of the ashes of the collapse of political authority at the end of the New Kingdom.

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