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On Bulgarian shrines, see Stepanov 1999, 48 and 156–160; Ovcharov 1997, 50–58; Vaklinov 1977, 112–114; Chobanov 2006, 27–35; Chobanov 2008, 60–65; Boiadzhiev 2008, 310–338; Bidzhiev 1984, 121–122. On the influence of Manichaeism and Zoroastrianism among the Bulgar and Khazars, see also Stepanov 2002a, 7–8; Stepanov 2005a, 122; Poliak 2001, 99–100; 20 CHAPTER 1 syncretism that it is still difficult to determine the nature of the Bulgar pagan religion and especially its ideology. As for Khazaria, according to S.

25 The bek title can be added here as well. Furthermore, the names of the 19 Kliashtornyi 1964, 109 and 171; Kliashtornyi and Sultanov 2000, 42, 48, and 51–57; Stoianov 2004a, 12–13 and 16–21. 20 Kliashtornyi and Sultanov 2000, 42–43; Stoianov 2004a, 21–22 and 28. 21 Golden 2006, 19. 22 Kliashtornyi and Sultanov 2000, 66–67; Novosel’tsev 1990, 69; Artamonov 1962, 42–43; Rashev 2001, 11. 23 Kliashtornyi 1964, 104–105 and 112; Kliashtornyi 1994, 445–447; Kliashtornyi and Sultanov 2000, 74; Petrukhin 1995a, 189; Golden 2006, 20.

This is why even V. 35 In R. 36 The acceptance of the Sarmatians as an important element of the Bulgarian ethnogenesis could largely explain the 32 See for instance Simeonov 1979 and 2008. 33 See for instance Dobrev 1994 and 1998a. 34 Probably the fullest research on this sort of data is made by Stepanov 1999a, 15–62. 35 Stoianov 2004b, 487. ] In addition to the linguistic and cultural homogenization, this was a process of cultural and religious syncretism, especially between Iranian and Turkic traditions, in which major gods could have both Iranian and Turkic names, and the nobility in the new nomadic federations included Iranian, Turkic and Ugrian elements, which co-existed and fought side by side”.

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