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By Kai Meyer

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The destiny of a Heaven... This picture novel leads us into the previous of the angelic orders within the post-apolcalyptic international of Engel. The Dramseedlaunches a devastating assault at the Raguelites' Heaven. The mysterious Wanderer appears to be like to warn the Raguelites of the upcoming disaster. Lale, Sister of Angels, a bit lady who grew up lower than the Raguelites' wing, heeds the caution and faces the Dreamseed's onslaught... with the aid of the Pandoramicum. ... In a bit Girl's Hands... This booklet through of Germany's so much celebrated comedian e-book and novel creators (authored by means of Kai Meyer, artby Dieter Judt) ties the Engel roleplaying online game and depicts one of many turning issues within the Angelic Orders' fresh background, the aftermath of that may nonetheless be felt on the earth of the sport.

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