Exhibition of The Kevorkian Collection (Muhammedan-Persian by Abraham Yohannan, A. V. Williams Jackson PDF

By Abraham Yohannan, A. V. Williams Jackson

ISBN-10: 1443791903

ISBN-13: 9781443791908

A few of the earliest books, relatively these relationship again to the 1900s and earlier than, are actually super scarce and more and more pricey. we're republishing those vintage works in reasonable, top of the range, glossy variants, utilizing the unique textual content and art.

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Hyrcanus II isHigh Priest. C. Aristobulus,brotherof HyrcanusII,usurpsthe kingship. C. RomangeneralPompey intervenesandenters Jerusalem. C. HyrcanusIIis appointed High Priestonly at first. He is appointedEthnarch later. C. Antigonusis HighPriest andking. Both are opposedbyHerodandthe Romans. C. Commences rebuildingthe Temple. 6 Archelausis made Ethnarchof Judeaand Samariaonly. destroyedby fire,caused by militaryaction or earthquake. PeriodII Essenesreturnto Qumran andrebuildbut on a more modestscale.

Developed a mastoid condition from which he did not recover. Mrs. Margolis and their other two children returned immediately to America, andMargoliscut his stay short. Those who knew him best observedthat Margolis,who visited his son'sgravein Philadelphiaalmost every Shabbat evening, never fully recoveredfrom the grief of losing a son. Max Margolisis not as well known today as some of his contemporaries,for example JamesA. Montgomery, George E Moore, Charles C. In only one respect has Margolis'work in this area been rightly criticized: He insisted that the Old Greek translatorof Joshuahad beforehim a Hebrewtext almost identical to our Masoretic text, which this translator frequentlymodified, generallyin the direction of curtailment.

New York,Cincinnati, Chicago:Abingdon. S. San Francisco:Harperand Row. , translator 1966 JosephusVII:JewishAntiquities, Books XII-XIV Cambridge,MA, and London:HarvardUniversity Press and Heinemann. A. 1927 A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on The Book of Daniel. New York:Scribner's and Sons. Thackeray,H. St. ,translator 1967 JosephusII: TheJewish War,Books I-Ill. Cambridge,MA, and London: HarvardUniversity Press and Heinemann. Vermes,G. 1975 The Dead Sea Scrollsin English, Baltimore,MD: PenguinBooksLtd.

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Exhibition of The Kevorkian Collection (Muhammedan-Persian Art), Including Objects Excavated under His Supervision by Abraham Yohannan, A. V. Williams Jackson

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