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I) Surface water (ii) Ground water (iii) Distilled water (iv) None of above The ground water has high nitrate concentration because of (i) Percolating sewage (ii) Industrial waste Experiment 6: Measurement of Nitrates in Water 3. 4. 5. (iii) Chemical fertilizers, leaches etc. (iv) All of above 29 The high nitrate concentration of water fed to infants causes (i) Green baby disease (ii) Blue baby disease (iii) Anemia (iv) Cancer The acceptable limit of nitrates in potable water is (i) 75 mg/L (ii) 45 mg/L (iii) 90 mg/L (iv) 200 mg/L The determination of nitrates is important as to (i) determine nitrates important from health point of view that is safe against the diseases produced (ii) assess the self purification capacity of water bodies and the nutrient balance in surface waters and soil.

Apparatus • Glass stoppered bottles, 300ml capacity • Conical flasks • Burettes 25 ml • Measuring cylinders 400 ml • Pipettes Reagents (i) Standard Mangenous Sulphate Solution Dissolve 480 gm of tetrahydrate manganous sulphate in distilled water, filter and dilute one litre. The solution should not give colour with starch when added to an acidified solution of KI. 575 gm of Na2S2O3 in distilled water and make upto 1 litre. (iii) Alkaline Potassium Iodide Solution Dissolve 500 gm NaOH and 150 gm of KI in distilled water and dilute to one litre.

This removal of solids improves the efficiency of other unit operations as the biological treatment etc. ml/L of settleable solids indicates that………………….. Quiz Questions 1. Turbidity is caused due to (i) The suspended particles (ii) The settleable particles (iii) The colloidal particles (iv) All of the above Experiment 11: Measurement of Settleable Solids in Sewage 2. 3. 4. 2mm are generally (i) Inorganic (ii) Organic (iii) All of above (iv) None of above The settleable solids are determined for the design of (i) Screens (ii) Grit chambers (iii) Filters (iv) Intakes Correct Answers 1.

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