Enterprise reform and privatization in socialist economies, - download pdf or read online

By Barbara W. Lee, John R. Nellis

ISBN-10: 0821316664

ISBN-13: 9780821316665

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The concept here is that provincial governments far from the firm's location will be interested mainly in the return generated by their shares, and less likely to trade-off poor financial performance for non-commercial objectives. In addition, the idea has been advanced to convert at least some SOEs to joint stock companies to facilitate implementation of the dispersed ownership plan. To the extent these institutional revisions can provide profit-maximization signals to the firm (through Board membership perhaps, but this is not yet clear) they could constitute an advance.

June 11, 1990, which reviews how the scheme came about and was implemented, and the post-transfer workings of the company. Poor investment decisions by the private managers, operating in a highly politicized environment, have resulted in a significant decline in the value of the portfolio, and a loss of most of the value of the shares. However, the subsequent poor management of the company does not prove that the "give away'' mechanism is inherently flawed, or would inevitably produce the same negative results.

T. Sohl Thelejani No. 88 Implementing Educational Policies in Swaziland. Cisco Magalula No. 89 Implementing Educational Policies in Uganda. Cooper F. Odaet No. 90 Implementing Educational Policies in Zambia. Paul P. W. Achola No. 91 Implementing Educational Policies in Zimbabwe. O. E. Maravanyika No. 92 Institutional Reforms in Sector Adjustment Operations: The World Bank's Experience. Samuel Paul No. 93 Assessment of the Private Sector: A Case Study and Its Methodological Implications. Samuel Paul No.

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Enterprise reform and privatization in socialist economies, Parts 63-104 by Barbara W. Lee, John R. Nellis

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