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By Edited by Peter Jones By (author) Henry Home Kames

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Encompasses a philosophical paintings on 'criticism' in English via Kames, which first seemed in 1762. quantity one explores the character and motives of the feelings and passions. quantity delineates ideas of rhetoric and literary appreciation, finishing with a dialogue of the formation of a typical of style. either volumes comprise a number of examples.

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From Jupiter, unwholsom Dews distill, That blast the sooty Corn; the with’ring Herbage kil; Away, my Goats, away: for you have browz’d your fill. 110) 9. The Conquest of Granada, or Almanzor and Almahide, 1670, by John Dryden, satirized in The Rehearsal, 1672, written in part by George Villiers, second Duke of Buckingham (1628–87), and from which Kames also quotes. perceptions and ideas in a train 31 The relations among objects have a considerable influence in the gratification of our passions, and even in their production.

Sentiments, 45 1 Chap. 17. Language of Passion, 494 volume ii Chap. 18. Beauty of Language, Sect. 1. Beauty of Language with respect to Sound, 3 6 contents 9 Sect. 2. Beauty of Language with respect to Signification, 18 Sect. 3. Beauty of Language from a resemblance between Sound and Signification, 83 Sect. 4. Versification, 98 Chap. 19. Comparisons, 183 Chap. 20. Figures, 227 Sect. 1. Personification, 228 Sect. 2. Apostrophe, 255 Sect. 3. Hyperbole, 259 Sect. 4. The Means or Instrument conceived to be the agent, 267 Sect.

A number of these elements or principles are here unfolded: but as the author is far from imagining that he has completed the list, a more humble title is proper, such as may express any number of parts less than the whole. This he thinks is signified by the title he has chosen, viz. Elements of Criticism. <16><17> ELEMENTS OF CRITICISM. u chapter i u Perceptions and Ideas in a Train A man while awake is conscious of a continued train of perceptions and ideas passing in his mind. * At the same time we learn from daily <18> experience, that the train of our thoughts is not regulated by chance: and if it depend not upon will, nor upon chance, by what law is it governed?

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