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Ib. What is its specific gravity ? 19. Find 20. A cedar block is 5 in. by 3 in. by 2 in. 5 oz. 0928 cu. gravity. ft. of metal weighs 112 Ib. Find its specific gravity. Each edge of a cubical block of metal is 2 ft. , what is its specific gravity ? 22. 3 in. long and the radius of a cross section is 3 in. , what is its specific 21. gravity ? 8. How many gallons of petroleum can be carried in a tank car whose capacity is 45,000 Ib. 23. The specific gravity of Advantage of the metric system. So far we have been using the English system, and we have had to remember that 1 cu.

From one man, what weight does each carry ? 11. A bar 12 ft. long and weighing 40 Ib. is used by two men to carry 240 Ib. How many pounds does each man carry if the load is 6 ft. from one man ? 10. A man and a boy have to carry a load slung on a light 12 ft. long. If their carrying powers are in the ratio 8 5, pole where should the load be placed on the pole ? 12. : A wooden beam 15 ft. long and weighing 400 Ib. carries from one end. Find the pressure on the support at each end of the beam. 13.

0. 0 Exercise 17. Construct to scale if necessary and check as in the preceding exercise, given a and b. 5 cm. 8 cm. 3 18 in. ; cm. 6 cm. (e) 28 ft. ; and 16 (c) ft. 84 ; mm. and 64 mm. ; (rf) (/) 120 mi. and 200 Exercise 18. Construct a square whose side is 4 cm. CONSTRUCTION. Make AB 4 cm. B draw BX perpendicular to AB. Cut off BC = 4 cm. With A and C as centers and a radius of 4 cm. draw arcs intersecting at D. Draw A D and CD. A BCD is the required square. Measure the diagonal and record the result on the figure.

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