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This booklet accompanies the 1999-2000 touring exhibition, which assembled one the main large collections of Egyptian paintings and artifacts because the Tutankhamun exhibition within the overdue Nineteen Seventies. Illustrations and essays convey this panoply of previous nation items to lifestyles.

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King’s control over Memphis, Heliopolis and the Delta, as well as Thebes. Could this be an indication that, even at this early date, Karnak should be considered a state temple? These limestone pillars are not quite as high as those of the portico preceding it, which confirms that Senusret’s temple adhered to the age-old tradition of gently rising floor levels and descending roof levels as one progressed through the courts and halls towards the sanctuary. 13 T H E E A R LY T E M P L E Behind the main porticoed fac¸ade, the temple was divided into two: the western half was, as just outlined, occupied by the peristyle court.

Perhaps by associating themselves with the founder of the temple, they felt they were, in some way, legitimising their claim to the throne which, in certain cases, was a tenuous one. Despite the paucity of material remains from the Middle Kingdom temple itself, other smaller edifices of Senusret I have fared better. Amongst these, perhaps the most splendid survival is the so-called White Chapel, the blocks of which were found dismantled and buried within the core of the Third Pylon of Amenhotep III.

III, and to the east of it and partly lying underneath it are several Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period layers of occupation. When these buildings were constructed, they were certainly outside the wall, but nevertheless were thought to have been part of the temple arrangements. Many of the rooms found had limestone column bases, while rooms with silos and kilns were adjoining, and the remnants of some pottery resembling offering-vases were found. For this reason it has been postulated 25 T H E E A R LY T E M P L E that here were administrative buildings and rooms for the baking and preparation of food offerings (Lauffray et al.

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