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By Jun Mitsuhashi

ISBN-10: 1498756573

ISBN-13: 9781498756570

The first booklet on entomophagy written during this demeanour, Edible bugs of the World is an enumeration of 2,141 species of fit to be eaten bugs. For the reader’s comfort, insect names are prepared very like a dictionary, first via taxonomic team after which by way of state. as well as taxonomic and site details, entries comprise acceptable information about the historical past of entomophagy, gathering, cooking, and medicinal uses.

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Tenebrionidae: Palembus dermestoide. Neuroptera Corydalidae: Parachauliodes japonicas, Protohermes grandis. Myrmeleontidae: Haenomyia micans. Diptera Calliphoridae: Calliphora lata. Cecidomyiidae: Pseudasphondylia matatabi. Dryomyzidae: Dryomyza formosa. Muscidae: Fannia canicularis, Musca domestica, Musca stabulans. Syrphidae: Eristalis tenx, Eristalis sp. Tabanidae: Tananus chrysurus, T. mandarinus, T. rubidus, T. rufidens, T. trigonus. Tachinidae: Blepharipa zebina, Saturnia sericariae. Tipulidae: Antocha (Proantocha) spinifera.

Lepidoptera Bombycidae: Bombyx mori. Hesperiidae: Erionata thrax thrax. Pyralidae: Brihaspa astrostigmella. Hymenoptera Apidae: Apis florea, A. mellifera. Polistidae: Polistes stigmata. B. Districts 1. Europe Europe general Orthoptera Acrididae: Locusta viridissima. Blattaria Blattellide: Ectobios lapponicus. Anoplura Haematopinidae: Haematopinus suis. Coleoptera Meloidae: Lytta vesicatoria. Hymenoptera Formicidae: Formica major, F. minor. South Europe Orthoptera Acrididae: Gryllus aegyptius, G.

Dione, I. epimethea, I. rubra, Lobobunaea christyi, L. saturnus, Melanocera parva, Micragone ansorgei, Pseudantheraea discrepans. Sphingidae: Herse convolbuli, Nephele comma. Hymenoptera Apidae: Apis adansoni, A. mellifera capensis, Bombinae spp. Formicidae: Carebara vidua, Pheiodole sp. , Cyrtacanthacris septemfasciata, Locusta migratoria, L. migratoria migratorioides, Ornithacris cyanea (magnifica), O. , Truxaloides constrictus. , Brachytrupes membranaceus. Gryllotalpidae: Gryllotalpa africana.

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