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By Maya Jasanoff

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During this resourceful publication, Maya Jasanoff uncovers the extreme tales of creditors who lived at the frontiers of the British Empire in India and Egypt, tracing their exploits to inform an intimate background of imperialism. Jasanoff delves underneath the grand narratives of energy, exploitation, and resistance to examine the British Empire in the course of the eyes of the folk stuck up in it. Written and researched on 4 continents, fringe of Empire enters a global the place humans lived, enjoyed, mingled, and pointed out with each other in methods richer and extra advanced than past debts have led us to think have been attainable. And as this publication demonstrates, lines of that international stay tangible—and topical—today. An cutting edge, persuasive, and provocative paintings of historical past.

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From the forms ofa Bedouin voice, one can begin to understand with some precision the shape of Bedouin experience. ( 1 979, 27) 28 Guest and Daughter Two points should be noted here. First, Meeker ties literature to what, in his view, are the central concerns of Rwala life, namely, uncertain political relations and the struggle among mounted men with weapons . Second, like Levi-Strauss, who at least sometimes, as in "The Story of Asdiwal" ( 1 967) , argues that myth is a means for resolving philosophical/social dilemmas at the heart of a soci­ ety, Meeker sees poetry as a primarily intellectual means of dealing with these central concerns.

Granqvist's texts are replete with poems and songs associated with every major and minor life event of the villagers she so vividly portrays. Musil also collected rich poetic material 27 Veiled Sentiments from the Rwala Bedouins. For the most part, however, despite the frequency with which scholars of Arab culture comment on the high value Arabs place on poetry, few have tried to situate this poetry in its living social context. Those who do deal with literary matters are rarely ethnographers; they neither record poems as they occur in the course of daily life, nor do they analyze them with reference to their social uses, devoting most of their attention instead to classical literary poetry.

The only drawback was that, like Altorki ( 1 973 ) , I found that people expected me to know things that I did not in fact know, and my hesitation to betray my ignorance, especially in matters of religion, did prevent me from pursuing some topics that I otherwise might have. Nevertheless, living in a social world defined by the same boundaries as those experienced by members of the community allowed me to grasp more immediately just how the social world worked and how its members understood it.

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