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"The English model of Dissemination [is] an capable translation via Barbara Johnson . . . . Derrida's crucial rivalry is that language is haunted by means of dispersal, absence, loss, the chance of unmeaning, a probability that's starkly embodied in all writing. the excellence among philosophy and literature accordingly turns into of secondary value. Philosophy vainly makes an attempt to manage the irrecoverable dissemination of its personal which means, it strives—against the grain of language—to supply a sober revelation of fact. Literature—on the opposite hand—flaunts its personal meretriciousness, abandons itself to the Dionysiac play of language. In Dissemination—more than any earlier work—Derrida joins within the revelry, weaving a posh development of puns, verbal echoes and allusions, meant to 'deconstruct' either the pretension of feedback to inform the reality approximately literature, and the pretension of philosophy to the literature of truth."—Peter Dews, New Statesman

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Iso,itmu:lt: the word Hegel regularly uses ro define the discursive mode of prefaces} manner can ar most achieve this, that a general idea of the concept is presented to our thinking (1101' dw Vorstt//N,g) and a historical knowledge (historis(ht Km,mis) of it is produced; bur a definition of scienc~r more precisely oflogic-has its proof solely in the already mentioned necessity of its emergence (Htn/Of'ga,gs)" (l,trodNaio,, pp. 48-49). c) "Hitherto philosophy had nor found its method; it regarded with envy the systematic structure of mathematics and, as we have said, borrowed it or had recourse to the method of sciences which are only amalgams of given material (Stofft>, empirical propositions and thoughts--or even resorred ro a crude rejection of all method.

But he was never so distracted by it that he failed to perceive certain of irs effects, for example the following: ""Thus they have the category in which they can place any apparently significant philosoph y, and through which they may at the same rime set it aside; this they call a fashion-ph ilosophy"" CHtgtfs L«t11ro o" tht History of Philosophy, trans. E. S. Haldane and Frances H. Simson, london: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1892, p. 42). 18 OUTWORK insofar as this absolutely universal philosophical science must provisionally, considering the prevailing lack of culture, introduce itself as a particular philosophical science.

Can they be grouped according to the necessity of some common predicate, or are they otherwise and in themselves divided? These questions will not be answered, at least not finally in the declarative mode. Along the way, however, a certain protocol will have-destroying this future perfect 10-taken up the pre-occupying place of the preface. 11 If one insists on fixing this protocol in a representation, let us say in advance that, with a few supplementary complications, it has the structure of a magic slate.

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