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By R Layton, P Stone, J Thomas

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This paintings asks even if the belief of global historical past is a vital mechanism for the safety of the world's cultural and ordinary historical past, or even if it subjugates a range of cultural traditions to particularly Western principles.

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Serbs used the Yugoslav Committee’s campaign as an excuse to amalgamate Croatia into a larger Serbia (Denich 1994: 372–3; Tanner 1997: 115). As one Croatian politician put it in 1928, ‘Right up to 1918 we lived under the guidance of native Croatian officials. The four main internal departments of government were housed in Zagreb … Now … those government departments are in Belgrade’ and every post is reserved for Serbs (Tanner 1997: 127). The Croatian leader Radi˜ was shot and killed the same year by a radical Serb.

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