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By Gilles Deleuze

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“One day, probably, this century could be Deleuzian,” Michel Foucault as soon as wrote. This e-book anthologizes forty texts and interviews written over twenty years by way of well known French thinker Gilles Deleuze, who died in 1995. The early texts, from 1953-1966 (on Rousseau, Kafka, Jarry, etc.), belong to literary feedback and announce Deleuze’s final booklet, Critique and health facility (1993). yet philosophy basically predominates within the remainder of the booklet, with sharp value determinations of the thinkers he continuously felt indebted to: Spinoza, Bergson. extra striking is his acknowledgement of Jean-Paul Sartre as his grasp. “The new topics, a undeniable new kind, a brand new competitive and polemical means of elevating questions,” he wrote, “come from Sartre.” however the determine of Nietzsche is still via a long way the main seminal, and the presence all through of his neighbors and shut collaborators, Felix Guattari and Michel Foucault. The e-book stops presently after the booklet of Anti-Oedipus, and provides one of those family tree of Deleuze’s concept in addition to his try and depart philosophy and fix it to the outside—but, he cautions, as a thinker.

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Furthermore, that which differs in nature is in the end that which differs in nature from itself, consequently, that from which it differs is only its lowest degree; this is duration, defined as difference of nature itself. When the difference of nature between two things has become one of the two things, the other of the two is only the last degree of the first. So it is that difference of nature, when it appears in person, is exactly the virtual coexistence of two extreme degrees. Since they are extremes, the twofold current passing between them forms intermediate degrees.

Such a philosophy is always at work on two different planes: the one methodological, and the other ontological. On the one hand, we must determine the differences of nature between things: only in this way will we be able "to return" to the things themselves, to account for them without reducing them to something other than what they are, to grasp them in their being. On the other hand, if the being of things is somehow in their differences of nature, we can expect that difference itself is something, that it has a nature, that it will yield Being.

Duration, memory, and elan vital are the three aspects of the concept that can be distinguished with precision. Duration is difference from itself; memory is the coexistence of degrees of difference; the elan vital Is the differentiation of difference. These three stages define a schematizism in Bergson's philosophy. The role of memory is to give the virtuality of duration itself an objective consistency which makes it a concrete universal, and enable it to actualize itself. When virtuality actualizes itself, that is to say, differentiates itself, it is through life and in a vital form.

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