Download PDF by A. E. Jeffery, L. H. Raubitschek: Dedications from the Athenian Akropolis; A Catalogue of the

By A. E. Jeffery, L. H. Raubitschek

Instantly upon e-book Dedications gained its
secure position in scholarly literature. As an indispensable
tool for paintings on Attica within the 6th and
fifth centuries B.c. it turned so popular to every
epigrapher, archaeologist, and historian that little
need be acknowledged the following concerning the scope and contents of
the e-book. It has, furthermore, been again and again and
competently reviewed elsewhere.
The quantity is the results of lengthy, dedicated, and
most exacting hard work, the development of which became
known via a number of initial guides. In
the process those the writer confirmed an ever-growing
mastery of "architectural epigraphy," to take advantage of a
designation which characterizes the categorical approach
of Raubitschek. this isn't a really chuffed term,
since it implies alterations which are non-existent, and
the writer himself rightly states (p. 433) : "this same
method is clear to an individual who has the opportunity
to learn the originals." Raubitschek's achievement
in assembling never-ending dedicators is imposing,
and simply the general cautious examine of the whole
work may give an approximate proposal of the enormous
difficulty of placing order into this type of disturbing
wealth of person fragments. Many one other would
with resignation have restricted himself to a mere
selection. Raubitschek has had the braveness to give
everything, for which we can't thank him enough,
and with it additionally the braveness to make error, which
is continuously an ethical fulfillment. In view of the total
accomplishment it might look unjust to reside too
much at the damaging aspect. A conscientious reviewer,
however, has to notice whatever Raubitschek himself
confesses to freely and many times (e.g. lower than nos 250
and 309): many a reconstruction or attribution to
certain sessions of monuments is only hypothetical,
especially whilst in keeping with arbitrary restorations of
the inscriptions. the fervour to distribute as many fragments
as attainable one of the respective categories
(and who wouldn't sympathize with this desire?)
was certain to produce a few violence. however the low
number of in simple terms 9 unclassified fragments, as
opposed to the 3 hundred and eighty-four classified
ones, doesn't correspond to the evidence and tends
to create a misunderstanding by means of minimizing the factors
of uncertainty. the writer must have enlarged
this part significantly.

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20 Discussion The trial to test the effectiveness of using a gradiometer survey to identify fire-affected rock, described above, produced promising results. Those hearths with the densest concentration of heat-fractured stones produced magnetic readings exhibiting the largest differences from the background magnetism. The correlation between the number of hearth stones and the strength of the difference to background for the different hearth types suggests that much of the signal read by the gradiometer relates to TRM.

Buried hearths are not included in the analysis as there were too few readings to graph the results. For both partially exposed and intact hearths, the differences are quite large, up to +65 nT and −95 nT in some cases. But for disturbed, scattered and remnant hearths the differences between the background and the hearth readings are much smaller, as we would expect if the heat-fractured rocks were in low concentrations. We tested the relationship between the number of hearth stones and the magnitude of the gradiometer readings using both parametric and non-parametric tests.

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