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Developing Prehistory bargains even-handedly and sympathetically with the production of numerous differing types of prehistory throughout the unstable interval among the 2 international Wars.Investigates the origins archaeology in Britain in the course of the inter-war periodBrings to existence many desirable and arguable personalities and their creeds, together with the archaeologists O. G. S. Crawford, Mortimer Wheeler and Gordon Childe; Grafton Elliot Smith and W. H. R. Rivers (of ‘Regeneration’ fame); Alfred Watkins and The outdated immediately music; and the thunderous George Watson Macgregor Reid, who introduced the Druids again to StonehengeExamines the creation of archaeological wisdom as a social method, and the connection among personalities, associations, ideology, and powerAddresses the continued debates of the importance of web sites reminiscent of Stonehenge, Avebury, and Maiden fortress

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52 The break came in 1932, when Flinders Petrie, then planning to retire, handed Wheeler a donation of £10,000 he’d received, on condition that the Institute should house and use his extensive Palestine material. A proper Appeal Committee was thereafter launched, and Wheeler’s longsuffering wife Tessa took on the work of wangling money out of the great-and-good, although, as Hawkes says, it arrived only ‘in modest amounts’. 53 Wheeler’s prowess at top-level networking came to the fore in the quest for premises.

22 The second was the part that it played in creating a wider audience amongst the intelligentsia for those ‘right ideas’. 23 He accepted that it might be a slow process. ‘To look at the past in this way is difficult for many people and impossible, it seems, for some; it is to make it easier for them that Antiquity exists. You cannot teach a point of view, as you teach, say, Greek or motor-driving; you can only hope that it will gradually be acquired. ’24 In fact, Antiquity succeeded in propagating the Crawford gospel to a large swathe of the literate middle classes.

This was in addition to the high proportion of contributions from academics in other disciplines. Establishing a high standard of scholarship, from whatever quarter and on whatever topic, was clearly a top priority. Antiquity had two distinct roles of real importance. The first was the part that it played in the process of shaping and defining scientific archaeology. Crawford himself saw it as providing ‘a sort of running commentary on current work’. 22 The second was the part that it played in creating a wider audience amongst the intelligentsia for those ‘right ideas’.

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