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Kaminoc: (Gk); f. Oven, furnace, kiln. kampi: (110b); f. Cricket, cockroach; sparrow, finch. kan: (Gk); part. Even if, even. kaneon, kanoun: (Gk); m. Basket of reed or cane, bread basket. kannabic: (Gk); f. Hemp, cannabis sativa. kanoun v. kaneon - Basket. ); m. A musical instrument. kanoufi: (113a); m. A fish, babus, bynni. kanwn: (Gk); m. Rule, standard, scheme, model. kap: (113a); m. String of harp or similar instruments, thread, string, strand; masi ntepikap: m. Plumb line; cankap: Rope-maker, rope-seller.

Yeqywq= v. yoqteq - To confuse. yeqywq v. yoqteq - to confuse. y/ v. v/ - That one. y/bi v. taibi - Coffin. y/m (Q), t/m (Q): (413a); vb qual. To be sharp. y/m (Q) v. ywm - To be shut. y/n: (69a); m. Sulfur. y/ni, yeni: (69a); vi. To sprout, grow. y/ra: (Gk); f. Hunting (of wild beasts), chase, eager pursuit, prey, catch. y/rion: (Gk); n. Wild animals; niy/rion nagrion: Wild animals. y/rs v. yers - Linseed. y/cauroc: (Gk); m. Store, treasure. y/t (Q) v. ywt - To be joined. y/ou, you- (439b); m.

Molo,/ - Molokhia (edible plant). malicta: (Gk); adv. Most of all, above all, certainly. mallon: (Gk); adv. More, rather, the more, indeed, in truth; mallon ehote: Moreover; mallon de: Much more, rather. mallwn = mallon - Rather. mame] v. ouwm - Cancer. mamrah: (169a); pl. ). man: (169b); (in pavman -yman tman), adj. Certain (person or thing). manecwou v. ecwou - Shepherd. man- v. (2)amoni - Pastor. manganoc = magganon - Catapult. man/ou v. (2)amoni - Pastors. manywrp v. ywrp - Darning needle. mani v.

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