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By Eric W. Weisstein

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Upon book, the 1st version of the CRC Concise Encyclopedia of arithmetic received overwhelming accolades for its extraordinary scope, clarity, and application. It quickly took its position one of the most sensible promoting books within the historical past of Chapman & Hall/CRC, and its reputation keeps unabated.

Yet additionally unabated has been the commitment of writer Eric Weisstein to amassing, cataloging, and referencing mathematical evidence, formulation, and definitions. He has now up to date lots of the unique entries and extended the Encyclopedia to incorporate one thousand extra pages of illustrated entries.

The accessibility of the Encyclopedia in addition to its wide assurance and reasonably priced fee make it beautiful to the widest attainable variety of readers and positively a needs to for libraries, from the secondary to the pro and learn degrees. For mathematical definitions, formulation, figures, tabulations, and references, this is often easily the main amazing compendium available.

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Ematics: An Updated Soviet “‘Mathematical lands: Reidel, Aleksandrov’s Uniqueness properties satisfied Theorem A convex body in EUCLIDEAN n-space that is centrally symmetric with center at the ORIGIN is determined among all such bodies by its brightness function (the VOLUME of each projection). see also TOMOGRAPHY (1) TN0 = No (2) No+f =No, Not. Amer. Math. (3) where f is any FINITE SET. However, Nofro -- c > (4) where C is the CONTINUUM. see also ALEPH-1, CARDINAL NUMBER, CONTINUUM, CONTINUUM HYPOTHESIS, COUNTABLY INFINITE SET, FINITE, INFINITE, TRANSFINITE NUMBER, UNCOUNTABLY INFINITE SET Aleph-1 (Ni) The SET THEORY symbol for the smallest INFINITE SET larger than ALPHA-O (NO).

C. F. “Alphamagic Squares. ” Abacus 4, 20-29 and 43, 1987. Sallows, L. C. F. ” In The Lighter Side of Math ematics (Ed. R. K, Guy and R. E. Woodrow). Washington, DC: Math. Assoc. , 1994. an(z) The = alpha r function Alphametic A CRYPTARITHM in which the letters used to represent distinct DIGITS are derived from related words or meaningful phrases. The term was coined by Hunter in 1955 (Madachy 1979, p. 178). z-(n+lkz x zk F;r’ . satisfies the RECURRENCE RELA- TION see also BETA FUNCTION (EXPONENTIAL) Alpha Value An alpha value is a number zobserved) < a is considered a P-VALUE.

A,a~, where ai f c(z). to Algebraic hvarian - 2az integers of + u2 + b2 = 0. see also ALGEBRAIC NUMBER, EUCLIDEAN NUMBER, RADICAL INTEGER References Algebraic Geometry CURVES, ALGEBRAIC VARIThe study of ALGEBRAIC ETIES, and their generalization to n-D. ALGEBRAIC CURVE, ALGEBRAIC VARIETY, COMMUTATIVE ALGEBRA, DIFFERENTIAL GEOMETRY, GEOMETRY,~LANE CURVE,SPACE CURVE see also References Abhyankar, S. S. Algebraic Geometry for Scientists and Bn- gineers. Providence, RI: Amer. Math. , 1990. ; and O’Shea, D.

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