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The "Mrs" was probably assumed after the birth of her daughter Harriett. In the summer of 1768 Ann joined Foote's company at the Haymarket for a series of performances. That seems to have been her only summer in London. Others (1754, from 1758 through 1764, 1766 and 1767, at least) were spent at Jacob's Wells Theatre in Bristol. In still other summers she was at Liverpool (1766 and 1777). Briefly in 1792 she was at Manchester. She probably performed elsewhere in the provinces. Her last appearance on the London stage (and possibly anywhere) was on 2 June 1792 at Covent Garden, when, in a benefit for performers "who through Infirmity shall be obliged to retire from the stage," she Courtesy of the Garrick Club ANN PITT by Hogarth?

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data (Revised for vol. 12) Highfill, Philip H. A biographical dictionary of actors, actresses, musicians, dancers, managers & other stage personnel in London, 16601800. Includes bibliographical references. 1. Performing artsEnglandLondonBiography. I. , joint author. II. , joint author. III. Title. 2'092'2 {B} 71-157068 ISBN 0-8093-1281-6 Page 1 P Pinner, George {fl. 17421755}, actor. At the James Street playhouse George Pinner played Antinous in Ulysses on 31 May 1742 and Benducar in Don Sebastian on 5 January 1743.

But that may not have been the only reason that Thomas and Charlotte Pinto wished to escape London. The burial register of St Paul, Covent Garden, records the burial of four children of "Thos. Pinto from St Mary le Strand" between 5 April 1769 and 1 March 1770Charlotte, Thomas, William, and Charles. The last two children had lived only a few weeks. " For the decade or so after 1771 there are few facts. We know that the Pintos went first to Edinburgh, where in the winter season of 177172 she sang Polly in The Beggar's Opera and Rosetta in Love in a Village a few times.

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