Computer Programming for the Complete Idiot by Donald H. McCunn PDF

By Donald H. McCunn

ISBN-10: 0932538045

ISBN-13: 9780932538048

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Indd 19 9/20/10 2:31:19 PM 20 ❘ CHAPTER 2 THE IPHONE AND IPAD DATABASE: SQLITE To use SQLite, you will fi rst learn to create a database using the command-line application provided with Mac OS X. This tool will enable you to create the schema of your database, populate it with data, and perform queries. Next, you will learn how to deploy your database with an iPhone application, connect to it in code, and display the results or your SQL queries. By the end of the chapter, you will know how to build a fully functional database application that can be used to view data that has a master-detail relationship: in this case, a product catalog.

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