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By Ron Jeffries, Glen Fisher

ISBN-10: 0881341169

ISBN-13: 9780881341164

This publication comprises 30 video games in simple to kind in at the outdated Commodore sixty four laptop. The best-known of those are the textual content experience Miser and the stratgy video game Godzilla. here is the whole checklist: Bat, Bets, Bjack (blackjack), Bonzo (aka Chutes & Ladders), Boswain, Bop (Chisanbop demonstration), field, seize, Dive, Dots (connect-the-), Everest, hearth, Godzilla, Hanoi (as in Tower of), Kalah, garden (mowing), jump (peg jump), Mad (madlibs), Miser, Piano, Piegram, Ratrun, Rescue, Reversi (aka Othello), Roadhog, secure (cracker), Spot (aka attach Four), cease, Yahtzee, and Zap. there's additionally a sequel, Commodore sixty four enjoyable & video games quantity 2, that is best-known for Miser 2.

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