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This is often the fifteenth variation of the preferred English/British banknote cost consultant. it truly is in complete color for the 1st time. ''Collectors' Banknotes'' presents valuations for all financial institution of britain and Treasury banknotes. it's also details on banknote grading, and history information regarding a few of the significant concerns. all the significant kinds are illustrated essentially, as are a couple of type forms, e.g. how you can spot a Nazi solid white fiver. the entire notes have person designated reference numbers, and a chart is supplied on the again to go reference those numbers with different well known banknote books. additionally integrated is a bibliography of urged additional analyzing, and a listing of a few banknote broker web pages.

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N01M N- -M T- -M T29M and T32M £35 £60 £300 £70 £90 £90 £130 £180 £180 45 BANK OF ENGLAND NOTES from 1928 No. M. 8mm - 6 x 2 1/2 in J. B. Page (1970 - 1980): RB81a 1971 LNNL (S87L, S89L, S90L, T- -B, T- -D to T- -H, T- -K and T- -L, U- -A to U- -D, U- -H, W- -A to W- -H without F or G) Some of the prefix gaps are due to late Fforde notes being assigned them. S87L S89L and S90L T- -B to T- -L without A, C, F, G, I or J U- -A to U- -H without E, F or G W- -A to W- -H without F or G RB81b £5 £5 £5 LNNL (X- -A to Z84L without - - -F, - - -G or - - -I and numbered up to 84 only) X- -A to X- -L without F, G or I Y- -A to Y- -L without F, G or I Z- -A to Z- -K without F, G or I Z- -L RB82 £1200 £800 £3 £3 £3 £2 £3 £3 £3 £5 £5 £5 £5 £10 LNNL (R44M to R99M, S32M to S98M, W01M to W84M, X01M to X60M replacement notes) R- -M S- -M W- -M X01M Noted 2003 X- -M X60M Noted 2006 £6 £3 £20 £10 £10 £3 £10 RB81b £50 £25 £25 £135 £25 £70 46 BANK OF ENGLAND NOTES from 1928 No.

Fforde (1966 - 1970): RB26 1967 (Feb) NNL (26R to 99Z without V) 26R - -R - -S to - -Y without V - -Z RBS26 SPECIMEN £2 £750 31 BANK OF ENGLAND NOTES from 1928 No. M. S. Fforde (1966 - 1970) continued: RB27 1967 (Feb) LNNL (A01N to D38N) A01N A- -N B- -N and C- -N C01N (Coin) D- -N D37N D38N RB28 £2 £85 £7 £35 £150 £15 £10 £20 £10 £30 £70 £95 £8 £10 £180 £14 £25 Up to £4 Replacement note LNN (M56 to M80) M56 M- M80 £35 £4 RB21 to RB27 feature interesting serial number prefixes, such as: H2O, CO2, O1L, C01N.

Formerly Number RB63R 41 BANK OF ENGLAND NOTES from 1928 No. M. 8mm - 6 x 2 1/2 in L. K. O’Brien (1955 - 1962): RB64 1960 (March) LNNL (B01N to B76N) B01N B- -N RB65 £100 £15 £200 £30 £160 £16 £360 £34 LNN (M01 to M68, replacement notes) M01 M- - £25 £40 J. Q. Hollom (1962 - 1966): RB66 L- -T, 1963 (Feb) LNNL (B- -N, C- -N to L- -N, A- -R to L- -R, A- -S to L- -S, A- -T to A- -U to L- -U, A- -W to L- -W, A- -X to K- -X and A- -Y without the usual F, G, I and a few other prefixes which were used in the production of RB70) B77N £35 B- -N C- -N to L- -N without F, G or I A- -R to L- -R without F, G or I A- -S to L- -S without F, G or I A- -T to L- -T without D, F, G or I A- -U to L- -U without F, G or I A- -W to L- -W without C, F, G or I A- -X to K- -X without F, G or I A- -Y B- -Y £60 £20 £2 £2 £2 £2 £2 £2 £2 £2 £15 RBS66 SPECIMEN RB67 LNN (M68 to M99 replacement notes) M68 M- - RB68 £75 £6 £6 £6 £6 £6 £6 £6 £6 £90 £750 £5 £40 £15 £100 £30 £180 £50 £100 £15 £260 £35 £140 £50 £300 £95 NNL (01M to 99M replacement notes) 01M - -M RB69 £140 £40 £4 £4 £4 £4 £4 £4 £4 £4 £40 £20 £50 LNNL (M01R - M08R replacement notes) M01R M- -R 42 BANK OF ENGLAND NOTES from 1928 No.

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