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By Jagjit Singh Dosanjh, Paul Avtar Singh Ghuman

ISBN-10: 1853593664

ISBN-13: 9781853593666

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Dr Ghuman wishes to acknowledge the general help of the following colleagues at the University of Aberystwyth, Wales: Daniel Chandler, Richard Daugherty, Bob Jones, Gareth Elwyn Jones and Gerran Thomas. He is extremely grateful to Colin Baker and Richard Lloyd for reading through the manuscript with great care and making many valuable suggestions. Dr Dosanjh gratefully acknowledges the help and advice from Professor J. Newson, both in the initial and the present studies. Dr Ghuman wishes to acknowledge the moral support, help and encouragement which he has received from his wife, Theresa, and from their young daughter, Michelle.

Ghuman, 1974:17) As much has been written on this subject, some scholarly (Vaidyanathan & Naidoo, 1989; Ballard & Ballard 1979; Wilson,1978), others in newspaper features and pamphlets (The Observer, 12 March 1994; The Guardian, 25 June 1994), the researchers do not think there is need for detailed discussion of this topic. But this issue, and that of dating, are the main antagonisms over which inter-generational tension does arise (Drury, 1991; Wade & Souter, 1991). The second generation are increasingly prone to question the traditional values and to exercise their right to individual choice.

According to this conceptualisation, collectively orientated people seek achievement for the group's sake and stress the value of co-operation, order and self-control. In contrast, the individually orientated view achievement as for self-glory, and believe in competition and the pursuit of power. Triandis (1994) describes other differences between the two contrasting types of individuals in social norms, values, attitudes and behaviour. Stopes-Roe and Cochrane (1990), in a wide-ranging and in-depth study of two generations of Asian people report that, compared with the British, the Asian considered the interest of the family should come before that of the individual.

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