Camera Obscura: Of Ideology by Sarah Kofman PDF

By Sarah Kofman

ISBN-10: 0801485932

ISBN-13: 9780801485930

Marx, Freud, Nietzsche--in enormously other ways all 3 hired the metaphor of the digicam obscura of their paintings. during this vintage book--at final to be had in an English translation--the unusual French thinker Sarah Kofman bargains a longer mirrored image in this metaphor. She contrasts the mechanical functionality of the digicam obscura as a type of reproduction computing device, rendering a mirror-image of the paintings, with its use within the writings of grasp thinkers. In her establishing bankruptcy on Marx, Kofman offers a interpreting of inversion as essential to the ideological strategy. She then explores the metaphor of the digicam obscura in Freud's description of the subconscious. For Nietzsche the digital camera obscura is a "metaphor for forgetting." Kofman asks right here even if the "magical gear" of the digicam obscura, instead of bringing approximately readability, serves a few thinkers as fetish. digicam Obscura is a strong dialogue of a metaphor that dominates modern thought from philosophy to movie.

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