Download e-book for iPad: Building Web Apps with Ember.js by Jesse Cravens

By Jesse Cravens

ISBN-10: 1449370926

ISBN-13: 9781449370923

If you’re an internet developer drawn to construction scalable single-page applications—full-stack, browser-based apps that hook up with a backend—this functional consultant exhibits you the way to exploit Ember.js, the preferred JavaScript framework in line with the model-view-controller (Mvc) architectural pattern.

during the process the ebook, you’ll methods to construct a prototype Ember program (a musician index referred to as Rock’n’Roll Call), utilizing routers, templates, types, controllers, and perspectives. You’ll additionally know how Ember’s conference over configuration strategy is helping you persevere facts, construct backend applied sciences, and create widgets for constructing production-capable functions that behave like computer software.

  • Set up workflow administration and boilerplate code creation
  • Learn how Ember’s “developer ergonomics” assist you use much less code
  • Write templates for the book’s prototype with Handlebars.js
  • Use routers to control software states with out reloading the page
  • Connect controllers and perspectives with occasions, and sync information with data-binding
  • Build an Ember backend with a Restful Api or Ruby on Rails
  • Use the Ember-Data library to persist facts and check with the backend
  • Write reusable encapsulated widgets to increase your applications

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Notice that in each template you see mostly plain old HTML, such as the h2 tag in the first template and ul tag in the second. You’ll also see examples of some Handlebars directives: outlet in the first template, and lots of fun things in the second. Handlebars will replace these with plain HTML before putting them into the body tag of your document. js file. The page we loaded a moment ago may not look like much, but consider what’s happening: An HTML page with no literal content in its body tag is loaded.

At the start of any given project, you would go scouring through previous projects for bits and pieces of JavaScript you’d written or borrowed that did things like iron out API differences between browsers, set up utility functions you’d grown accustomed to, and even generate HTML bits in reusable ways. It happened so much that it felt less like reinventing the wheel and more like running inside a hamster wheel. js”) uses that cute little hamster as its mascot. Ember jumps into the wheel for you, freeing you to concentrate on what’s new and interesting about your particular project.

This may be something like the 73rd time we’ve said this, but keep in mind, this all happened with 11 lines of code, and almost the exact same thing happened when there was just one line of code. This highlights the mantra we mentioned in Chapter 1. Nearly the same thing happens with one line of code as with 11 because we only defined one thing—our model—that wasn’t a default object/feature. js guides, “Because this pattern is so common, it is the default for…” And because it is the default, you don’t even have to write that code out.

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