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S ed",,"",. I, 1&-7. 43 Edtll. Three tomb s of th e early Secon d Inte rmediat e Period at Edfu ha ve vault ed chamb ers of typ e x l but no other det ails of in terest are no ted . 222 Despite th e presence o f to mbs o f th is age in o ther ce meteries, such as Esna and Saqqara, virtually no details of the brick construct ion are available. Some graves at Tell el- Ya hudieh 2 23 had vault ed br ick covering, probably similar to those found m ore rece ntly at Tell Da'ba, which may mean th at this ty pe was not uncommon in the Delta during th e Hyksos period.

A IM)8MMA XVlIl ( Dec. 1923 , II). 11-20. Win lock's Il u m h~rinll. " 3 14 of P,U Example o ccursfn lum b 51l o f Winl o ck. Wlnl uck. BAIMA XX lI (h b. 192 8 , II) , 7. 155 Details o f the brick construction of this lom b arc given in the table on page 4 2. Qartoh. This cemetery has brick-bu ilt tombs with vaul te d ch ambe rs sunk in to the ground until the ro of is just under the surface. 189 The vert ical walls bu ilt aroun d the sides of th e ch ambers are bon ded Al or A2. an d the m ud-bricks, in !!

The doo rs to bo th chapel and cou rtyard were surmou nted by cornices. 25 0 which could be made of special bricks designed for the purpose . Often the walls of the cou rt were built of rough sto ne, but th ose of th e chapels were mo re commo nly of brick, bonded A I and plast ered in tern ally . -3Sc m for the length . bu t larger bricks re-used fro m the roy al mort uary temples also occur. "Mcl "~ r. D. R. &. Mace. IlIlIl

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