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By John P. Dickenson

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H. Unwin 50 The Yemens, G. Rex Smith 51 Zambia, Anne M. Bliss and J. A. Rigg 52 Puerto Rico, Elena E. Cevallos 53 Namibia, Stanley Schoeman and Elna Schoeman 54 Tanzania, Rev. , Colin Darch 55 Jordan, Ian J. Seccombe 56 Kuwait, Rev. , Frank A. Clements 57 Brazil, Rev. , C. H. , Graham Shields 61 Atlantic Ocean, H. G. R. King 62 Canada, Ernest Ingles 63 Cameroon, Mark W. DeLancey and Peter J. Schraeder 64 Malta, John Richard Thackrah 65 Thailand, Michael Watts 66 Austria, Denys Salt with the assistance of Arthur Farrand Radley 67 Norway, Leland B.

2nd ed. 386p. maps. bibliog. Despite its age, this work remains one of the most readable accounts of Brazil's social, economic and cultural development, couched in terms of the major phases of economic activity. Thus, it deals with the land, the arrival of the Portuguese, and the economic boom products, such as sugar, gold, coffee and rubber, which have dominated different phases of the country's economic history and shaped its geography. There is a good discussion of immigration from Europe at the end of the 19th century, of the process of economic development in the 20th century, and of the societal changes these have prompted.

J. Mills 174 St. Kitts-Nevis, Verna Penn Moll 175 Martinique, Janet Crane 176 Zaire, Dawn Bastian Williams, Robert W. Lesh and Andrea L. Stamm 177 Chad, George Joffé and Valérie Day-Viaud 178 Togo, Samuel Decalo 179 Ethiopia, Stuart Munro-Hay and Richard Pankhurst 180 Punjab, Darshan Singh Tatla and Ian Talbot 181 Eritrea, Randall Fegley 182 Antigua and Barbuda, Riva Berleant-Schiller and Susan Lowes with Milton Benjamin 183 Alaska, Marvin W. Falk 184 The Falkland Islands, Alan Day 185 St Lucia, Janet Henshall Momsen Page viii 186 Slovenia, Cathie Carmichael 187 Cayman Islands, Paul G.

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