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By Alton Biggs, Dinah Zike, Peter Rillero

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Reach, educate, and Assess each scholar with one fabulous software. a charming verbal/visual presentation weaves textual content and pictures jointly in a straight forward, easy-to-grasp layout that stimulates scholars' curiosity and function, either within the lecture room and on every kind of overview.

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In 1996, researchers sequenced the archaean genome and discovered that these tiny cells are as different from bacteria as you are. A sixth kingdom was formed. GRAND PRISMATIC SPRING, YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK WOESE’S SYSTEM DOMAIN DOMAIN DOMAIN Bacteria Archaea Eukarya KINGDOM KINGDOM KINGDOMS Eubacteria Animalia Archaebacteria Plantae Fungi Protista DOMAINS The discovery of the nature of Archaea led C. R. Woese and his colleagues at the University of Illinois to propose a new classification scheme (left) made up of three domains.

EXPANDING Your View 1 THINK CRITICALLY How have technological advances, such as improved microscopes and new biochemical tests, changed biological classification? 2 JOURNAL WRITING The kingdom Protista contains very diverse organisms—from unicellular “animal-like” amoebas to multicellular “plantlike” giant kelp. In your journal, predict what might happen to the protist kingdom in the next few years as biologists study its members in more detail at biochemical and genetic levels. 1073 (l)David Maisel/Tony Stone, (r)Dr.

All had long tails, oddly shaped “bills,” webbed fingers, and hooflike, three-toed hind feet. Despite the duckbills’ webbed fingers, most paleontologists now think that duckbills lived on land. Some species, such as Parasaurolophus (left), had large, hollow crests on their heads that may have amplified whatever sounds these dinosaurs made. Fossil evidence indicates that duckbills were social animals that moved in herds and cared for their young. com/news (bl)John Sibbick/Salamander Picture Library, (br)David Kirshner/James McKinnon, (crossover-t)George Steinmetz, (crossover-b)Illustration by Steve Kirk (tl)Weldon Owens Publishing/Illustration by David Kirshner, (tr)David Kirshner/James McKinnon ORNITHISCHIANS COMPSOGNATHUS SAURISCHIANS The “lizard-hipped” dinosaurs, or saurischians, had hip bones (shown below) like those of present-day lizards, with the pubic bone projecting forward.

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