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Army heritage of the mostancient Greece. Обзорный рассказ о военной системе Греции доэллинистического периода. Осада Трои, воины Микенского государства, система фортификационных сооружений Древних Микен. Способы ведения боевых действий древнейших греческих царей. Воспетых в гомеровских поэмах. Материал книги основан на археологических данных. В книге приводится немало фотографий реальных предметов вооружения, извлеченных из древних гробниц и могильников в Греции и в Малой Азии.

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Lion Gate and North-East Postern, Mycenae (mid LH Ille) North-East extension, Mycenae (end LH Ille) Warriorvase from Mycenae (LH I ~ ~ B / c ) Widespread destruction of Mycenaean citadels (LH Ille/c) Destruction of HattuSas-Boiazkoy Destruction of Ugarit Traditional date for destruction of Homer's Troy according t o Herodotos Destruction of Troy Vlla Rameses Ill defeats the 'Peoples of the Sea' in the Nile Delta So-called invasion of Dorian Greeks from north-west Greece Migration of mainland Greeks t o Aegean islands and Anatolia Mycenaean f o r t i f i c a t i o n systems The initial Mycenaean fortification systems were intimately linked with the establishment of major palace complexes on mainland Greece.

Looking east from the court, this view takes in the three characteristic elements of the megaron unit: the porch (seen front); anteroom (seen centre); and the throne room (seen rear). (Author's collection) Court A large court lies directly in front of the megaron at Mycenae, Tiryns and Pylos. Colonnades surround this court on three and a half sides at Tiryns, on two and a half sides at Pylos, and probably on just one and a half sides at Mycenae. The court is entered at both Tiryns and Pylos from a propylon placed slightly off the short axis of this rectangular feature.

However, in terms both of scale and of architectural details, Hittite fortifications are quite different from those of the Mycenaean citadels. Perhaps the most likely sources of inspiration for Mycenaean defensive circuits are the fortification systems at such Cycladic sites as Kastri and Phylakopi. Perched on a sheer and isolated hill above the sea, the EC IIIA fortified settlement of Kastri (near Khalandriani on Syros) consists of small houses crammed inside a double-walled circuit equipped with horseshoe-shaped towers.

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