Archives of sexual behavior - Vol 39, 2010. Issue 1 (Feb) by Kenneth J. Zucker (ed.) PDF

By Kenneth J. Zucker (ed.)

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91 – – Likert Classical conditioning of female arousal. Correlations reported across 5 sessions. 25 – – – 25 students (mean age = 21) VPA 50 explicit heterosexual film clips (femalecentered). Arch Sex Behav (2010) 39:5–56 Koukounas and McCabe (2001) Letourneau and O’Donohue (1997) 5 explicit heterosexual films (no audio). 00 (nonsig) Study Sample description Female Pras et al. 2) Study design Genital Subjective VPA Likert Stimuli Assessing feasibility of 3 explicit heterosexual VPA to measure effects films (5, 9 and 10 min of radiotherapy on sexual in length).

Studies of women showed a different pattern: Women presented with more stimulus variation produced significantly larger correlations than women presented with no stimulus variation. A significant gender difference in concordance was eliminated for the small number of studies that varied stimulus content or modality. Unfortunately, only two studies (regardless of type of correlation) exposed the same participants to both variation and no-variation conditions. 005 Homogeneity (Q) Note: Selected studies refer to basic samples, without experimental manipulations, and with standard external sexual stimuli.

Correlation calculated across conditions. 1 explicit heterosexual film, 2 neutral film clips and fantasy period. 51 – – – Likert EEG study. Correlations reported across 2 sessions. 71 – – 2 explicit heterosexual audiotapes. 86 – – Arch Sex Behav (2010) 39:5–56 Apperloo et al. 3) Likert Validity and reliability of new measures of sexual arousal. Correlations reported using 5 mean physiological responses to the 4 sexual activities plus neutral clips. 7) Likert Effects of sound and type of 6 explicit heterosexual sexual activity in sexual films, depicting 6 films.

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Archives of sexual behavior - Vol 39, 2010. Issue 1 (Feb) by Kenneth J. Zucker (ed.)

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