Patrick Ottaway's Archaeology in British Towns: From the Emperor Claudius to PDF

By Patrick Ottaway

ISBN-10: 0415144205

ISBN-13: 9780415144209

During this authoritative quantity, Patrick Ottaway attracts on his large adventure of city archaeology to teach how our notion of the early heritage of British cities has been extensively replaced over the past twenty 5 years.
according to his daily involvement within the box, this examine highlights probably the most vital discoveries and examine subject matters of contemporary years, exhibiting how long-term city examine initiatives have published new information regarding cities and the lives in their inhabitants.
good illustrated and hugely readable, this quantity bargains a chain of attractive and evocative case reports. It additionally highlights the paintings of the city archaeologist, and the issues inherent in keeping our previous, whilst the pursuits of archaeology and estate improvement conflict.

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Artefacts found in each context are kept separate and recorded under their context number. 18 Prior to his work most excavations proceeded by digging off spits of arbitrary thickness, which might comprise a mixture of many different contexts. The primary objective in excavations, such as those in the nineteenth century at Silchester, was to reveal stone walls and other solid structural remains, and to recover artefacts. The depth and position of discoveries were recorded up to a point, but with little attempt to relate them to a sequence of stratification, which in turn made it difficult to relate them to an exact historic and cultural context.

3 A group of late Anglo-Saxon (early-eleventh-century) pottery from Lincoln. Rear: bowls and pitcher; front: crucible, lamp and bowl (Photograph: City of Lincoln Archaeological Unit) of pottery, especially locally-made earthenwares, may only change slowly and irregularly, so that dating relies on a consideration of statistical trends in form, decoration and so on, rather than on spotting particular features. In theory scientific dating techniques which do not rely on the judgement of a pottery specialist appear attractive, but their use has been limited in urban archaeology because they rarely give sufficiently precise results.

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