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Its main advantage is that it is more stable than the others just mentioned and can be stored in aqueous solution for a long time. The colour change in the titration of calcium is not very distinct and can be improved by the addition of traces of magnesium. Detection 24 5. F u r t h e r Eriochrome of t h e T i t r a t i o n End-point [Ch. 2 Dyes The m e t a l l o c h r o m i c p r o p e r t i e s o f s e v e r a l r e l a t i v e l y s i m p l e £ , £ d i h y d r o x y a z o d y e s were s t u d i e d by B e l c h e r e t a l .

The c o m p o u n d s w i t h o u t t h i s g r o u p a r e i n s o l ­ u b l e i n w a t e r b u t s o l u b l e i n o r g a n i c s o l v e n t s (and so a r e t h e i r chelates). S u c h a compound i s E r i o 0 0 ( E r i o T w i t h o u t t h e SOoH g r o u p ) , which has b e e n recommended by F l a s c h k a [ l 6 j f o r t h e d e t e c t i o n o f some t r a c e e l e m e n t s . From t h e g r o u p o f b i s - a z o a n d t r i s - a z o d y e s , two i n d i c a t o r s h a v e b e e n recommended f o r c o m p i e x o m e t r i e d e t e r m i n a t i o n of c a l c i u m and o t h e r elements: A c i d A l i z a r i n B l a c k SN a n d C a l c i c h r o m e .

2 Vytras et al, [94] have also made a computer study of colour-change quality in complexometrie titrations. Japanese chemists have paid great attention to Methylxylenol Blue as spectrophotometrie reagent, and references to many of their publications will be found in the paper by Vytras and Vytrasova [9θ]. Remarks . Like the preceding indicators, commercial MXB also contains the half-condensation product, Semi-Methylxylenol Blue (SMXB), which has been isolated in pure form and used for spectrophotometric determination of thorium [95] and iron and aluminium [96].

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