Applications Of Percolation Theory by M Sahini, M Sahimi PDF

By M Sahini, M Sahimi

ISBN-10: 0748400761

ISBN-13: 9780748400768

This particular graduate textual content discusses these purposes for which there are well-defined percolations, and the place direct comparability among the predeictions of versions and experimental information is feasible.

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Experience has shown that damaging settlement does not usually take place when the added stress in the soil due to the weight of a structure is less than 10% of the effective overburden stress. It would therefore seem logical to sink boreholes on compact sites to a depth where the additional stresses do not exceed 10% of the stress due to the weight of the overlying strata. It must be borne in mind that if a number of loaded areas are in close proximity the effect of each is additive. Under certain special conditions boreholes may have to be sunk more deeply as, for example, when old voids due to mining operations are suspected, or when it is suspected that there are highly compressible layers, such as interbedded peats, at depth.

8 1 ^max-e e max — e min e = void ratio B. 22). 23). Further details of how the N values may be used in foundation design are given by Sanglerat (1972) 28 and Tomlinson (1975) 30 . The position of the water table, the depth of the foundation and the grain size of the material tested, must be taken into account in analysing the results of the tests. H. 'Foundation Engineering', Wiley, New York, 1974) Terzaghi and Peck (1968) 29 suggested that for loose very fine or silty submerged sand, positive pore water pressures might develop in the soil during the standard penetration test due to the dynamic application of the load and the low permeability of the soil.

According to Pearson and Money (1977) 53 anomalous results obtained from packer tests can be attributed to the effects of water flowing in fractures, namely, erosion, siltation, dilation or turbulence, on the one hand, or to the effects o/f the testing technique, such as packer leakage, on the other. They pointed out that packer types and lengths, test section lengths, drillhole diameters, test pressures, length of tests, methods of measurement of flow and pressure, and of calculation of the results had not been standardised.

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