Emma Newman's Any Other Name (The Split Worlds, Book 2) PDF

By Emma Newman

ISBN-10: 0857663232

ISBN-13: 9780857663238

Cat has been pressured into an prepared marriage with William - a state of affairs that incorporates way more strings than even she can have expected, in particular while she learns of his family's intentions for them either.

Meanwhile, Max and the gargoyle examine The organisation - a mysterious company that looks to play via its personal ideas - and none of them beneficial to Society.

Over in Mundanus, Sam has chanced on anything very strange approximately his wife's enterprise - whatever that may usher in a transformation for everybody in either side of the break up Worlds.

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P. each. ). The caster is immune to spells cast be dazzled opponents and does touch damage equal to Charisma × 1d6. Lasts one round. Brain Repair (45) Heals points of IQ lost due to illness, injury, magic, poison, or monsters. Will restore all lost IQ, but not to a higher total than the caster's IQ. Door #13 (75) Opens a portal to another plane. (There are no known limits to this spell, except that the other plane must be personally known to the caster. ) Fire Storm (55) A circular wave of raging flames spreads outward from the caster to a radius of 50 feet, doing (Intelligence × caster’s Level) damage and igniting everything that might conceivably burn.

This reduces all personal adds to zero and increases all SRs by two levels. If the target is under stress at the moment, they are allowed a L2 IQ SR to deflect the spell. Glue You (8) [Range 30’] Impedes movement/travel of victim by ½ for 1 turn. In combat, this means the magic user get 2 combat rounds to opponent's one. Hidey Hole (10) Makes the magic user and his companions invis ible for 3 turns. Jack Frost (6) Causes a layer of light frost to cover everything within 100 feet of the caster. Little Feets (8) Rapid travel; doubles speed for 1 turn.

Each. Cast Ye Out! ). If the demon’s MR exceeds the caster’s total attributes, or if its Intelligence is greater than the caster’s, it will pass from the victim and possess the caster! ) Force Shield (42) [Range 100’] Wall of colored light that cannot be penetrated by any lower-level magic or weapons. Wizard can shape and move the Force Shield. If a being trapped behind or within one can make a 14th level Saving Roll on ST or IQ (GM’s choice), he or she can shatter it. Master of Corruption (50) [Range 100’] The caster can control all ordinary forms of undead, so long as the individual Intelligence does not exceed his own, and the total MR does not exceed (caster’s Level × (IQ + CHA)).

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