American Writers in Europe: 1850 to the Present - download pdf or read online

By Ferdâ Asya (eds.)

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His use of “corroboration” in this context further bears out the conceptual confusion: the root of the word is the Latin robur, which means “oak wood” and suggests strength (as in “robust”). He employs a naturalistic term where he should have chosen a social expression. Paul Fane’s attitude toward a transcendent legitimization of authority, personified by his father, also turns ambivalent once he is in Europe where he quickly befriends and becomes an admirer of the English Colonel Paleford, the father of Sybil.

April 25, 1861). The events of what some historians call the “Secession Winter” had climaxed in the April 12 attack on Fort Sumter, and all of Southworth’s personal and professional plans were jeopardized. The novel that was to have been an artistic breakthrough became a monument to the author’s fears for her country. All of her past insecurities about her own identity resurfaced. Did she owe her loyalty to her father’s state (Virginia), her mother’s (Maryland), her paternal uncle’s (Mississippi), or her estranged husband’s (New York)?

Nathaniel Parker Willis. Boston: Houghton, 1885. Print. Bergmann, Jörg R. Discreet Indiscretions: The Social Organization of Gossip. Translated by John Bednarz, Jr. New York: de Gruyter, 1993. Print. Foucault, Michel. ” 1982. The Essential Foucault: Selections from The Essential Works of Foucault, 1954–1984. Edited by Paul Rabinow and Nikolas S. Rose. New York: New, 2003. 126–44. Print. Grant, David. ” American Literature 80 (2008): 443–69. Print. Meyer Spacks, Patricia. Gossip. New York: Knopf, 1985.

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