Alaska's constitutional convention, Volume 1956 by Victor Fischer PDF

By Victor Fischer

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In 1956, delegates amassed on the collage of Alaska in Fairbanks to put in writing a structure for what grew to become the forty-ninth kingdom of the union. They produced a record that many have acknowledged was once extra pretty acceptable to its time and position than the other country constitution.Victor Fischer, one of many delegates, describes this historical occasion. rejoice the constitution's 50th anniversary and know about the writing of this significant rfile.

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Page i National Municipal League State Constitutional Convention Studies Number Nine Alaska's Constitutional Convention Victor Fischer Institute of Social, Economic and Government Research University of Alaska Published by University of Alaska Press 1975 Page ii Cover: Mt. McKinley as seen from Constitution Hall, University of Alaska, site of Alaska's Constitutional Convention. University of Alaska Press Fairbanks, Alaska 99701 Library of Congress No. 74-620165 ISBN 0-912006-02-1 Series ISEGR Report No.

This time the vote was again strongly in favor of giving Alaska control of its fishery resources: 20,544 voted "yes," while 3,479 favored continued federal control. The drive for statehood began in earnest in 1949. The 1946 referendum had shown the majority of Alaska voters in favor of statehood. Statehood had become a popular issue, one on which Alaskan political platforms were built. The 1948 territorial elections saw a large majority of Democrats elected, most of them favoring statehood. The 1949 legislature took action to formalize and organize Alaska's effort in behalf of statehood.

Atwood, publisher of the Anchorage Times, who became chairman of the Alaska Statehood Committee. While Alaskans became increasingly united on the statehood issue during the late 1940's and the 1950's, statehood legislation experienced continuing ups and downs in Washington. Alaska's and Hawaii's fortunes became intertwined, and partisan politics and civil rights became the critical factors in the statehood battle. With control of Congress possibly at stake, admission of either territory could tip the balance, especially in the Senate.

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