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By Allan Johnson

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Alan Hollinghurst and the power of impact proposes a amazing method for interpreting the impacts that interlace twentieth-century homosexual British writers. targeting the position of the textual photo in literary impact, this e-book strikes towards a brand new knowing of the interpenetration of literary and visible tradition within the 20th century.

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You be careful. You don’t want to get that pretty nose broken’ (SPL 78). The sport of boxing, introduced here by the Richmond portrait, is to be eroticized and celebrated by the text before its later frightening transformation into a street brawl during which Will’s nose is indeed broken. And it is another Bill – Charles’s prison friend Bill Shillibeer – who will become the figure most conspicuously associated with the sport of boxing. 2 Charles’s Roman bath similarly resonates powerfully within the structures of Will’s narration, and ultimately contributes – along with the remembered glimpses of the open-air pool at Winchester and the more fully rendered consideration of the swimming pool at the Corinthian Club – to the referentially multipurpose title of The Swimming-Pool Library.

On its smooth front face three contrasting heads were incised, full profile, in shallow relief. I inspected it appreciatively, and looked to Charles for information. He was nodding in satisfaction at having turned up something interesting. ‘Fascinating, isn’t it. ’ I looked again. ’ ‘Ah,’ said Charles with pleasure. ’ He chuckled, though it could by no means be the first time he had explained its mystery. ’ (SPL 76) Given the novel’s thematic and structural interest in the iterability of images, it is striking that this set piece is characterized by repetition and recurrence.

Even revisionary theories of literary influence have thus continued to assert the living (indeed, immortal and virile) status of the author, which leads readers to consider how influence forms tradition and affirms the self-conscious bonds between authors. 55 Gay literary influence has been dealt with by critics only obliquely, through a series of frameworks routinely related to gay experience: repetition-compulsion, fetish, initiation, and camp. In many ways, each of these terms is rooted in temporal experience and the possibilities of engaging with or refusing to engage with the normative timelines of futurity.

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