Agypten und Levante XIX Egypt and the Levant XIX by Manfred Bietak PDF

By Manfred Bietak

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Aus dem Inhalt: Vorwort/Introduction von/by Manfred Bietak M. Bietak Farewell to Our nice and costly pal Paul Astrom D.A. Aston and B. Bader with a contribution by way of K.G. Kunst, Fishes, Ringstands, Nudes and Hippos - A initial document at the Hyksos Palace Pit complicated L81 M. Bietak und I. Forstner-Muller, mit einem Beitrag von F. van Koppen und okay. Radner, Der Hyksospalast bei Yell el-Daca. Zweite und Dritte Grabungskampagne (Fruhling 2008 und Fruhling 2009) M. Dijkstra, a major of the Bowmen, Overseer ofthe international Lands at Serabit el-Khadim (Sinai 300+297) P. Fuscaldo, The White Slip Wares from Dll el-Dabca, within the Palace District at cEzbet Helmi (Areas H/III and H/VI)

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3 cm. d. i. Introduction Since the publication of TD XIII, much work has been done on the physical structure of Marl C whilst much new material has come to light. 37 As for the distribution of the fabric within and without Egypt a number of other sites can now be added: Ashkelon,38 Sidon39 and perhaps Byblos40 abroad; Kom el-Hisn,41 Abu Ghalib,42 Heliopolis,43 Saqqara44 and Giza45 in Lower Egypt; Mersa Gawasis46 on the Red Sea Coast; Deir el-Bersheh,47 Dra Abu el Naga,48 Hierakonpolis49 in Upper Egypt and Gebel es Asr50 and Toschka51 in Nubia.

7 SP I-b-2 f W1 – re 2–3 pH. 7 cm. 0 cm. Restored from sherds, incomplete Surface colour: 5YR4/1 dark gray; burnish 10R3/1 dark reddish gray Decoration consists of rishi feather pattern on breast and incised lines representing feathers on wing Break: uniform grey 59. 9018X. L81/1 + L81/6 + L81/12, Fig. f W1 gesp. re 2–3 Cf. CYGANOWSKI, 2003; OWNBY and GRIFFITHS, 2009, this volume. STAGER, 2002, 353–362, fig. 21. GRIFFITHS and OWNBY, 2006, 63–77. BADER, 2003, 31–37. DOUMET-SERHAL, FORSTNER-MÜLLER, KOPETZKY, 2006, 52–59.

65 cm. 42 I-c-2 f W1 gesp. ox 2–3 D. 4 cm. Bd. 0 cm. H. 8 cm. Md. 0 cm. Wd. 3 cm. 5YR6/8 light red Break: wide black core, very thin red and brown oxidation zones 24. 9012W. L81/1 FN 33 ZN 575/2006, Fig. 3 RFTG I-c-2 f W1 gesp. ox 2–3 D. 4 cm. Bd. 1 cm. H. 2 cm. Md. 1 cm. Wd. 3 cm. 45 Restored from sherds, incomplete Surface colour: slip 10R6/6 light red Break: wide grey core, thin red and brown oxidation zones 25 9015C. L81/1 FN 183 ZN 58/2007, Fig. 4 I-c-1 f H gesp. ox 2–3 D. 0 cm. Bd. 5 cm. H.

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