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By Peggy Kamuf

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This can be the one on hand selection of Jacques Derrida's contributions to philosophy, provided with a finished creation. From Speech and Phenomena to the hugely influential "Signature occasion Context," every one excerpt comprises an outline and short precis.

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In its etymology, the word would indeed seem to have links with the whole network of weaving, in which one also finds the spiderweb. " The hymen is between-them. , the hymen in the first sense). In other words, it is between them, that is, it divides them, marks their difference as a sexual difference of inside from outside; and it is between them, that is, it joins them or unites them in a symbolic union. Like all the others you have named, the partition of the hymen partitions itself, departs from itself and from any proper meaning.

Glas [1974], p. 134) --Once again, I imagine an objection, which would go something like this: Is a deconstruction of this jealousy possible? Granted, the metaphysics of presence is jealous, as you have just asserted and as Derrida writes in the same passage from Glas ("That is why metaphysics, which is jealous, will never be able to account, in its language, the language of presence, for jealousy"). Yet, is not the thinking of the trace always a thinking of the impossible reduction of jealousy?

The gap, in French l'ecart which can also mean divergence, is that opening to difference, to an outside, to an other-to absence and to death-which, in any theory based on fully present meaning, will have been covered over. Derrida's writing uncovers and remarks these gaps. " This first investigation is titled "Expression and Meaning" and in it Husserl is principally concerned with separating sign (Zeichen) in the sense of expression from sign in the other sense of indication. Only the former, he will argue, can be understood as a meaningful sign since the concept of meaning (Bedeutung) is reserved for the intention to mean.

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