A Closer Look at Bacteria, Algae, and Protozoa (Introduction by Sherman Hollar PDF

By Sherman Hollar

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Micro organism, algae, and protozoamicroorganisms which are simply missed in our day-by-day livescan be present in a large choice of destinations and serve innumerable ecological reasons. whereas a few such organisms were linked to affliction, they've got additionally been valuable in agriculture and within the creation of sure meals, medicinal drugs, and different prerequisites. This informative quantity examines the houses and makes use of of those strong and crucial lifestyles kinds. picture organizers and certain photos carry the miniscule information of those entities to the vanguard.

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An inch-long baby flying fish swims in berried branches of sargassum, Sargasso Sea, Atlantic Ocean. Paul Zahl/ National Geographic Image Collection/Getty Images 57 A closer look At BActerIA, AlgAe, And ProtozoA Chlorophyta: The Green Algae There are approximately 6,000–8,000 species in this group, 10 percent of which are marine. Some are free-floating, but most live on shore rocks or in large aggregations on stagnant water, such as in ponds. Several species are terrestrial and are found growing on trees and rocks in moist habitats.

Then in 1938 a team of Oxford University scientists, headed by Howard Florey and Ernst B. Chain, remembered the research paper of nine years earlier. World War II interfered with the large-scale manufacture of penicillin in Great Britain. But methods for its mass production, purification, and stabilization were developed in the United States. In 1945 Fleming shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine with Florey and Chain. 35 A closer look At BActerIA, AlgAe, And ProtozoA Bacteria in Foods The bacteria that bring about decay are the chief cause of food spoilage.

Sexual reproduction is more common, however. The green algae Ulva lactuca lactuca, commonly known as sea lettuce, is easily harvested when it is exposed at low tide. Many people living in coastal societies consume sea lettuce in salads and soups. Alison Wilson 59 A closer look At BActerIA, AlgAe, And ProtozoA Green algae are a vital link in the food chain that supports living things on Earth. They serve as a direct food source for many aquatic organisms and are an important source of oxygen, which is produced as an end-product of photosynthesis.

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